Connecting SmartTrade to accounting packages

While SmartTrade can operate alone, its full power is realised by connecting it to an accounting package. SmartTrade connects to the accounting packages listed below.

Customer invoices and supplier invoices are exported from SmartTrade to the accounting package in a few simple steps. If supplier invoices are electronically downloaded into SmartTrade, they can then be transferred to the accounting package, eliminating all manual data entry.

SmartTrade and the accounting package share customer and supplier records. These records can be imported from the accounting package when SmartTrade is set up.

Description    FREE
Xero’s latest version.Learn how SmartTrade and Xero work to make your life easier
Learn how SmartTrade and MYOB can make your life easierConnection type
AccountRight 19 Standard Plus Premier Enterprise Up to 19.10 Includes payroll compliance updates in Australia
AccountRight 2014 and 2015 2014.2 - 2015.4 Server edition only, if PC edition is installed upgrade free - read how N/A N/A
AccountRight Live 2014.2 - 2018.2 Either PC or Server edition N/A N/A
MYOB Essentials, MYOB Advanced, MYOB EXO   To connect to SmartTrade, upgrade to AccountRight Live N/A N/A
Description    FREE
Reckon Accounts Professional (2013-2015 all editions) [No longer available from Reckon]
QuickBooks Professional (2009-2012 all editions) [renamed Reckon Accounts Professional, see above]
Reckon Accounts Premier (2013-2017 all editions)
QuickBooks Premier (2009-2012 all editions) [renamed Reckon Accounts Premier, see above]
Reckon Accounts Enterprise (2013-2017 all editions)
QuickBooks Enterprise (2009-2012 all editions) [renamed Reckon Accounts Enterprise, see above]
Reckon One and Reckon Accounts Hosted
Reckon EasyStart
Reckon Accounting
Reckon Plus
Description    FREE
Infusion version 8