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What do SmartTrade, gangsters and cruising on a boat have in common....not a thing !! But we did combine the three for a great time at our end of year function as we spent the evening on Auckland's harbour. Calm sea, fantastic sunset in the west, full moon rising in the east - idyllic!


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SmartTrade – 2015/16 Christmas 
New Year Operating Hours

Dear SmartTrade Customer,

SmartTrade will be closing down on Xmas Eve and reopening on Tuesday 5th January.
There will be a technician on standby on the three working days between Xmas and New Year (29th to 31st December). If you call us on our support line you will be asked if you want to be put through to the standby technician.
                                  AU: 1800 350 495  NZ: 0800 327 943
A full schedule of our operating hours over the Xmas-New Year period:

   Wednesday 23rd 6am to 3pm AEST, 8am to 5pm NZT – normal service
   Thursday 24th Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Friday 25th Closed – Xmas Day
   Monday 28th Closed – Boxing Day statutory holiday
   Tuesday 29th Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Wednesday 30th Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Thursday 31st Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Friday 1st Closed – New Year's day
   Monday 4th Closed – Statutory Holiday in NZ, Emergency technical support available
   Tuesday 5th Normal services resume

We wish you, your team and your families a very Happy Christmas and a restful and relaxing holiday season. Thank you for your support during 2015 and we look forward to working with you again in 2016.

SmartTrade Support
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New features that have been added to the latest release of SmartTrade:

Bulk Emailing:
You can now bulk email reports including invoices, quotes, job letters and client letters.

Google Calendar interface: Schedule jobs and appointments in SmartTrade and have them appear in your Calendar and your employees’ Google Calendars.

* Exclusive to SmartTrade customers *

Given the increase in malicious hacker attacks we decided it was time to offer a full external backup service . Recently one of our customers had their computer hacked locking them completely out of their computer system via a 30 character password that was virtually impossible to break. They then received an e-mail demanding a US,000 for the password. The fact that they had backed up SmartTrade on the same computer meant they couldn’t access their backup to do a restore. We were able to restore their system but not recover their data. This isn’t an isolated instance, we know of other businesses who have suffered the same fate.

Accordingly, we are pleased to announce the release of SmartSafe, our new cloud based backup service for SmartTrade customers. SmartSafe is not just a backup for your SmartTrade data, it is a complete backup solution for your computer system .


The first question customers considering SmartSafe will ask is how much backup storage does my business need – typically 5Gb or 10Gb SmartSafe plans will suffice for most SmartTrade customers to store their SmartTrade database and important business documents, as seen in our pricing plan below the cost is extremely affordable.

Customers who wish to review the adequacy of their current backup solution should give us a call, we will get one of our technicians to look at your existing backup solutions to see if it is giving you the level of protection you need.

Features that SmartSafe offers:

Easy to use Backup & Restore Wizard – the wizard allows you to easily restore data.
Compression - makes transfer of data to the cloud faster and helps to reduce space required for data storage as the data doesn’t require as much bandwidth as for uncompressed data, saves time   and is cheaper for the end user. 
E-Mail Notifications - An e-mail will be generated to tell you if the backup has been successful or failed.
• Scheduling and Real-Time Cloud Backup – you setup a schedule or backup everything automatically. SmartSafe runs as a Windows Service and tracks folders for new or changed files for backing up.
Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduling - you control how much bandwidth SmartSafe is using at any given time – if you’re working, you can tell SmartSafe to use less bandwidth and run in the background. When you’re away from your computer, you can turn the SmartSafe bandwidth usage up to the maximum available.
Data Encryption - data is encrypted with a unique encryption key before being sent to backup to protect it from unauthorized access. This guarantees data protection from unauthorized access during transfer via the Internet and while in storage.
Both Cloud and Local Backup
you can set up a combination of cloud (standard) and/or local backup if you want to send only part of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage.
Fully supported backups – you get full support including assisted recovery and restoration of data.
Web access – you have on-line access to your backup data.
SmartSafe is very reasonably priced:

Gb Storage Price/Month* Price/1Gb/Month
5 $ 10.00 $ 2.00
10  $ 16.00  $ 1.60
20  $ 26.00  $ 1.30
50  $ 50.00  $ 1.00
100  $ 70.00 $ 0.70
>100  POA  
 * Prices exclude GST  

 If you are interested in SmartSafe or if you have any questions please e-mail [email protected] or give us a call.

SmartTrade partners with two worthy charities in the community.


 SmartTrade and Habitat for Humanity



Habitat for Humanity is an international charity that builds simple decent and affordable housing for the poor. Homes are built using voluntary labour, in partnership with the family that will one day own the home. The family that will own and occupy the home contributes 500 hours of “sweat equity” into building the house. Given many of our customers are trade related, Habitat for Humanity is an excellent fit for SmartTrade.

Ways you can contribute to Habitat

  • Volunteer for one of their builds
  • Sponsor a home build or A Brush with Kindness
  • Donate materials and goods to, and shop at ReStore
  • Be a supporting family for visiting overseas teams
  • Prepare food for event builds
  • Volunteer to build abroad on a Global village trip

If you think you may like to support Habitat for Humanity, please call us and we can put you in contact with them. Otherwise, visit