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Great SmartTrade review from Aspen Landscapes Ltd

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Some great Feedback just come in from one of our valued clients Jodi of Aspen Landscapes Ltd

I have just stopped for a few minutes to reflect on how far we have come from the early days when we didn't have ST and I sit here smiling, remembering the patience that Kevin always had when he took my many calls when we first set up SmartTrade.

I recall thinking this guy must be so sick of me but he never showed it and between the two of us we tailor-made our systems just how we wanted them to be. There is absolutely no way we would be where we are today without your wonderful software.

Last week we moved into new premises and now have a team of 18 staff.  We have been able to manage our growth knowing that our systems have been able to support the growth and quite effortlessly we have been able to expand and take on new staff.  Today we had a new manager start and within ½ an hour of me giving him a quick lesson he was up and running, booking in new jobs on SmartTrade and scheduling them in the diary too!

Actually I could go on and on but I must get on with my day as having ST means I'm flat out never without something to do. (I think that’s a good thing lol!)

Please pass on our thanks to your hard working team.

Jodi Baines 
Aspen Landscapes Ltd

Thank you for the review Jodi! See more SmartTrade software feedback from our valued clients.


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